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Solenoid Shutters

Solenoid Shutters

Melles Griot solenoid drive, spring return shutters offer high performance in a range of operating conditions. Shutters come in 25, 35, 43 and 64 mm aperture sizes and can operate at 3, 6 or 12 volts.  Shutters can be normally open or normally closed.  The 25mm Extreme Service shutters are used in appplications with extreme temperatures and transportation shock.  High speed IES and Ultra Thin shutters are commonly used in scientific imaging applications and laboratory research.

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Melles Griot IES™-series electronic shutters are solenoid operated and spring return.  The shutter incorporate a manual iris and are ideal for laboratory and OEM applications that require variable aperture with an electronic shutter.  The iris diaphragm allows adjustment of the shutter's clear aperture from maximum to approximately 10 percent of maximum.

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Melles Griot UltraThin™-series electronic shutters are solenoid operated and spring return for scientific and OEM applications that require compact size, low weight, and reliability.   A multiblade shutter mechanism guarantees high operational speed and 100-percent light extinction. 

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Melles Griot ExtremeServiceTM shutters are solenoid drive, psring return shutters that have been ruggedized for relaible operation under extremes of temperaure and vibration.  The shutter has a 25mm aperture and operates at either 3 or 9 volts.  Their robust, temperature-insensitive design thrives at temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 70°C under transportation level shock and vibration.


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