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PulseLine Ultrafast Laser Optics

PulseLine Ultrafast Laser Optics

The PulseLine™ family of components are used in ultrashort pulse laser applications, and can be found in pump lasers, Ti:sapphire oscillators, amplifiers, and associated experiments.  They include laser line mirrors, broadband dielectric and metallic mirrors, plate polarizers, plate and cube beamsplitters, dispersion-compensating prisms, and antireflection coated windows.  PulseLine™ products represent the best optics for ultrafast laser use from each of our product families, augmented by ultralow dispersion optics that have been designed specifically for pulse lengths ranging from 10 to 130 fs.

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Broadband, high reflectivity, high laser damage threshold mirrors designed with low and controlled group delay dispersion characteristics specifically for ultrashort laser applications.

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Polarizers divide a beam of light into two highly polarized beams, making them ideal for isolation or routing of a specific polarization.  Extinction ratio and power handling are important factors to consider when choosing a polarizer, particularly for laser applications.  With plate and cube formats to choose from, as well as options for 45° AOI or Brewster angle operation, we have the right polarizer for your needs.

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Prisms are used to steer light, with cut and material determining how they do so.  CVI Laser Optics offers a variety of prism types for bending light, reorienting images, separating wavelengths, and magnifying beams.

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