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Prisms are used to steer light, with cut and material determining how they do so.  CVI Laser Optics offers a variety of prism types for bending light, reorienting images, separating wavelengths, and magnifying beams.  All are offered in a range of precision-polished materials with antireflection coating options suitable for high power use in laser, scientific, and industrial applications.   In addition to custom materials and dimensions, our full line of dielectric and metal coatings are available to create the ideal prism for your system.

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Picture for category Uncoated Wedge Prisms

Used to control deviation of an incident beam and eliminate stray beams due to back reflection.  Applications in interferometry, quality testing of optics, and output coupling for high gain and sensitive lasers.  Two wedge prisms can be combined for continuously variable beam steering through a cone of angles.

  • Low wedge option: 30 ± 5 arc min
  • Large wedge options: 1° or 3°
  • Thicknesses from 3.175 – 12.7 mm standard, others custom
  • Diameters from 12.7 – 101.6 mm standard, others custom
Picture for category Uncoated Right-Angle Prisms

Used for routing a collimated beam of light through 90° or 180° via total internal reflection, depending on orientation.  Also used for image rotation, for retroreflection, and as an external reflector.  Broadband performance with choice of antireflection coatings. 

  • High-quality surface polish for use in high power applications
  • N-BK7 and UV-grade fused silica catalog options
  • Custom dimensions, materials, and coatings available
Picture for category Antireflection Coated Prisms
Picture for category Dispersing Prisms

Used to separate a beam of light into its component wavelengths, or to add dispersion to a system.  Often used at the minimum deviation angle so that incident and exit angles are equal, prism magnification is one, and reflection losses are low. 

  • High-quality surface polish for use in high power applications
  • N-BK7, UV-grade fused silica, N-F2, and Suprasil 1 catalog options
  • Equilateral prism has more dispersion; isosceles prism has better p-polarization transmission
  • Custom dimensions, materials, and coatings available
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