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Polarizers divide a beam of light into two highly polarized beams, making them ideal for isolation or routing of a specific polarization.  Extinction ratio and power handling are important factors to consider when choosing a polarizer, particularly for laser applications.  With plate and cube formats to choose from, as well as options for 45° AOI or Brewster angle operation, we have the right polarizer for your needs.      

Manipulation of a laser beam based on its polarization is a commonly used technique, which is why we manufacture all of our polarizers using durable dielectric and ion beam sputtered coatings on high quality optics.

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Picture for category Cube Polarizers

Available for narrow and broad wavelength bands from UV through near-IR, but prism interface can limit power handling (if epoxy is used for bonding). 

  • Easy to mount, mechanically durable
  • High laser damage threshold options
  • Laser line and broadband wavelengths from 248 – 2000 nm, others custom
Picture for category Plate Polarizers

Best for high energy applications, provided that broadband performance is not needed.  Minimal impact on beam quality (lowest TWE, low wedge, high surface quality).

  • Highest laser damage threshold
  • Lowest transmitted wavefront error (> λ/8)
  • Nd:YAG & Nd:YLF laser wavelengths standard, others custom
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