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Multiple Element Lenses

Multiple Element Lenses

Multielement lenses are an ideal solution for applications requiring specialized performance and/or a high degree of aberration correction.  The CVI Laser Optics line of multielement lenses includes doublets, triplets, and assemblies to fit a wide variety of needs, many of which offer near diffraction limited performance.  Our achromats, aplanats and objectives lenses are designed to minimize all sources of wavefront distortion for superior beam quality and minimum focal spot sizes.  We carry F-theta lenses for scanning, and compact Galilean design beam expanders operating at wavelengths from the UV through near-infrared.

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Used to focus two or more wavelengths at the same point in the image plane.  Reduced spherical aberration and coma.  Well-suited to broadband applications like astronomical telescopes, plasma spectroscopy, biomedical instrumentation, and laser beam steering.  Also ideal for use at single wavelengths, as performance is far superior to simple singlet lenses.

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Used with monochromatic light to generate the minimum focal spot size by eliminating coma and spherical aberrations.  Diffraction-limited performance.  Ideal for nonlinear optics, laser beam expansion and collimation, interferometers, materials processing, and fiber optic coupling.       

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Adjustable beam expanders used to increase or decrease beam diameter.  Compact Galilean design.  Used for illumination, laser communications and alignment, and light focusing.

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Ideally suited to assess and adjust the collimation of laser light. Composed of a high quality λ/20 optical flat mounted with a viewing screen, these shear plates allow rapid visual wavefront analysis via interferometry. They can be used to measure the wavefront radius of curvature and power of long focal length optics, and for evaluation of wavefront symmetry or aberrations.

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Melles Griot Invarigon-R™ Telecentric Lenses offer industry-leading performance, low distortion, and rugged design to meet a wide range of inspection & metrology applications and magnifications.

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