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The CVI Laser Optics suite of optical filters includes everything you need to control the wavelength or intensity of light in your system.  Drawing on a combination of color glass, metallic films, and dielectric coatings, we offer almost one thousand filters to allow you to balance price and performance within your application for a perfect fit.   Our bandpass, edge, and notch filters can be used to precisely select specific wavelengths, from one to hundreds of nanometers.  Our neutral density filters can attenuate a single laser wavelength, or a broad range of wavelengths uniformly.

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Picture for category Bandpass and Laser Line Filters

Transmission over a limited wavelength range, with moderate to high blocking out of band.  Used for fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, and laser line clean-up.

  • Up to 60% minimum transmission over 1.5 – 70 nm
  • OD 3 extended blocking
  • Lower power
Picture for category Neutral Density Filters

Used to attenuate, split, or combine beams in a wide range of irradiance ratios, with no significant dependence on wavelength.   

  • Absorptive: Broadband use, attenuation varies with wavelength; low power
  • Metallic: Broadband use, uniform attenuation with wavelength; low power
  • Dielectric: Narrowband use, precise attenuation; high laser damage threshold
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