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Cylindrical Lenses

Cylindrical Lenses

Cylindrical lenses are used to condense, focus or expand light in a single dimension.  Typical applications include laser scanners, holography, optical information processing/computing, spectroscopy, dye lasers, and scanning confocal microscopy.  CVI Laser Optics’ cylindrical lenses are manufactured with precision and are quality-controlled to deliver guaranteed performance in a wide array of industrial, OEM, and research applications, even at high laser power.   

Cylindrical lenses are more challenging to manufacture than flat or spherical optics, which is why we employ best-in-class polishing techniques and exacting metrology to make every lens.

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Picture for category Plano-Convex Cylindrical Lenses

Used to condense light in one dimension only.  Positive cylindrical lenses can focus input collimated light to a line, transform a point of light to a line image or change the aspect ratio of an image. Useful for laser line focusing, laser projection, anamorphic beam shaping, and illumination of slit and line detector arrays.  

Picture for category Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lenses

Used to expand light in one dimension only. Negative cylindrical lenses diverge input collimated light away from a line. Useful for laser line generation, anamorphic beam shaping, and one-dimensional compression of images.

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